Are you unsatisfied with Office Outlook 2000/XP that simply "'ping" a sound and show a small icon in TrayBar when a new unread mail appear in your Outlook Inbox ?

Tired to get big popup windows for your Reminders and Alarms that make you loose application focus and force you to click away ?

Outlook Notification Gateway (ONG) is a usefull tool that will intercept and redirect all "unread" and "reminder" events from Outlook Office into a much nicer display interface that do not disturb you, do no need any click and let you directly see important informations.

This product will be usable with CoolTicker display interface. CoolTicker itself will be able to get advantage of ONG as a new "Tickers" communication protocol for hudge splitted Enterprise networks that has Microsoft Exchange as common communication system.

A simple click over the message will make it open thru Outlook as usual.

A right-click open an option menu that is adapted to the selected item type (e-mail, alarm, rendez-vous, task).

A small bar show you automatically all new items using same nice "Tickering" system used with CoolTicker :

To list all items you can also click the "+" icon :

ONG is not yet finished, Click here to be notified when update is out.

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